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Enhance Ecommerce Should be working

I Have just tried to set up enhance ecommerce on my personal website. I also cleaned up a lot of my data collecting issues. At one point I had four pageviews firing per page. The reason for this is that I use my blog and website to test a lot of analytics issues before I tried them out. I had classic GA, UA hardcoded, UA with a custom HTML tag & UA via GTM. Now I should only have UA via GTM. Let see if enhance ecommerce works. FTP NOW workign after a couple of weeks of issues with go daddy.

Digital Analytics and Javascript

Short blog this time. I just started working for a digital marketing firm. My main focus is using google analytics and google tag manager. Javascript plays a bigger role then Java, HTML/CSS or Swift which are the languages I spent studying. My goal for next week is to finish head first javascript book. That way I understand more and can start building my own custom javascrip code for tracking. For those intersted in GA or GTM javascript seems to be very useful langauge to know.

My first real app is almost finished and going to facebook

A friend of mine asked me to help him with a IOS app. So I started learning Swift and I built a app that should help Hult students deal with the complicated Hult grading curve. This app was tricky because I needed to focus on creating a calculator can that predicate grades. It was challenging I think by tomorrow night the backend will be done and I might upload a primative version online before a friend will create a special design for it.

I went to facebook the other day and a friend convinced me to apply to facebook. I have to admit facebook is very cool. It might be one of the most interesting companies to work at. I am considering my options but I think I will apply to facebook. And I got to see the Zuck (Mark Zuckerberg). It was pretty unreal he was just setting at a regular computer terminal working.

Honestly california has been amazing in the last 38 hours I got to go to facebook, train with Anthony Bourdain at Ralph Gracie Jiu Jitsu and get a chance to roll with Kurt Osiander. One of the best decisions to come here and experience SF.

Class Assignment SEO

I have to do a class assignment focusing on improving the SEO strategy for my chosen website. My website is called myonlinecoursesreview

This website's goal is to help people interested in taking online programming coureses as well as other courses. I want to give assistance not rate the courses on how good or bad are they. Hopefully it can help others avoid some mistakes I made with programming.

I also have to build a SEO strategy for the website. I am currently using google keyword planner and adwords to help manage my SEO strategy. One key thing is get the site index. The only thing I do not like is that I have to use word press. But at least I will get more experience working with wordpress and using a CMS.

The app as a 3 day setback but hopefully will be up very soon.

San Francisco and a cup of Java

In San Francisco soaking up the start up culture. So far pretty good met some great guys who are searching for their fortunes. The city is what I expected still adjusting too it but I do not see too much of a problem. I did the typical tourist sites. One of the big advantages was getting to train at Ralph Gracie Jiu Jitsu. I got to meet Ralph on my first day there. The team there was very friendly and I can say I very much enjoyed my experience there. I look forward to staying there longer. And I am also very excited that my big surf trip is coming up soon.

Those who know I do not drink coffee then know by Java I mean Java language. I have dabbled in Java brief but because I needed a server based language I decided to go for it. Thanks to the meetup group learning to computer program with Frank Amankwah. I have a good beginners grasps. And I will have my first Android app ready in a month or so.

New Website and using Templates.

The new website is ready. I think it is a bitter sweet feeling with this website. I didnt really want to use a template. Someone recommended to me that I need to learn how to work with templates. I currently used bootstrap and other ones. I guess I wanted to build it all on my own. Yet someone told me focus on the aesthetics of the site first. Because people will look at it and compare it. Using a template was new. Borrowed code there is no other way to see it. That being said some of templates are truly impressive and great to work with. It really took the look to a different level.

I will be leaving to San Francisco soon to finish up at Hult. There I plan to work on a website focused on Sport and finish my augmented reality app. Keep checking up. I just started learning JavaScript so expect some more interactions with the website. Maybe a game?????

Fixing bugs and jiu jitsu adventures

Fixing bugs is annoying. I knew that the website wasn't that responsive yet. And if anyone saw the site prior to 1 hour ago you would have noticed that the padding was off when you scroll right. Now that is fixed, however the mobile and tablet sizing is not perfect yet. I haven't decided on a layout if I will remove things or just restructure. I will have that settled by Wednesday and update it by Friday afternoon. Class assignments for marketing have kept me busy but I will get to it.

Jiu Jitsu Adventures!!!! I am heading to California soon to complete my studies. Yet I cannot say I am not excited to get the opportunity to train with some of the best jiu jitsu fighters and instructors in the world. The amount of gyms and talent is incredible. From Kurt Osiander, Andre Galvao, Cesar Gracie, Rener and Ryron Gracie and many more. I know I might not meet all or any of them. But it isn't just meeting these guys that will be cool. But getting the chance to train with new people. I am very grateful for the opportunity and I plan to make the most of it. OSSS

Why this website

It is simple I wanted to prove and improve. I have seen some colleagues websites and their designs. And they look amazing! However they were built with website builders. And since I was learning to program I figured I would design it myself. Now it made not look as great as everyone elses. But slowly it will look professional. I hope in the next 10 days to make the design sharper and more responsive. I will be adding some JavaScript elements to it and some Java apps & C apps that I built myself. I will also be putting up my code online for anyone to see. This website was not as easy as I thought I went through 2 trials before I settled on a layout. Even if you do not like it now I hope you will continue to come back and see my improvement and personal growth.

Why I got into programming

I wanted a challenge. I also love to work with design and creating something from scratch. But my passion is learning how things work